McFlash’s 2015 season reflection

January 6, 2016

McFlash’s 2015 Season Reflection

McFlash’s 2015 season reflection – it was a bit of a rollercoaster, but all good in the end.

2015 was a season full of ups and downs for me. Coming into 2015 I had high hopes for a really good season in the British Superbikes series. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the first race due to circumstance and then shortly afterward that team folded. So I didn’t even make it to BSB (British Super Bikes). This was pretty disappointing to say the absolute least. I sat without a full time ride whilst the season had started all around the world. All the teams had already filled their rider positions which left me waiting on the side lines for a team needing a rider. This was super frustrating but I have a very strong will to win so I kept hunting for a ride.

I had a successful 2014 season in WSBK Superstock finishing 5th overall in the championship. So that is where I started my hunt. In Europe in the Superstock 1000 class. I managed to get a ride with Pedercini Kawasaki. First race of the season was in Portugal. The weekend didn’t quite go according to plan and I was disappointed to finish just outside of the points. The following round was quite new experience for me as I found myself aboard the Team Suzuki Europe GSXR1000. It was a really big learning curve. I was learning a completely new bike and team and it was kind of already in the momentum of the season. That being said it was a really good weekend for me. I improved in each session working hard on the Suzuki’s setup. I was very happy to get the Suzuki into the points for that weekend. After that successful weekend I found myself competing on the Suzuki for the last 3 rounds of European Superstock 1000 championship. We suffered some technical issues with the bike which reflected on my performance at the last three rounds. I was always hoping to get the bike sorted every round and fought hard to do so but the gremlins seemed to be fighting too. My overall feeling is that I was happy to be back on the grid after the slow and uncertain start to the year and stoked to be able to complete the season. In retrospect I can honestly say that this season has made mentally stronger and my will to win has never been greater. The fire burns strong.

Whilst busy campaigning the Suzuki in Europe I managed put together a team in Cape Town to compete in the last four regional races at Killarney Raceway. I was very fortunate to have the much appreciated support of my local sponsors, MSD racing and Suzuki South . We raced our Suzuki on a very limited budget and in very stock trim but we managed to have huge success. I learnt a lot from this experience both from riding the bike and from a technical perspective through building it. I had to up my game considerably to beat the Kawasaki’s and BMW. I also had to adjust my riding style a bit as the Suzuki had no electronic aids and therefore required quite a bit more body English.

The Suzuki and I took the overall win at all 4 races at Killarney Raceway. We set a blistering lap of 1.10.8 around the legendary Cape Town circuit. This was a really great way to end my 2015 season with my form visibly strong and my mental space positivity tuned in to 2016.

Going into 2016 I am really happy to announce that we will be going back to Europe to race the Season in FIM Superstock 1000. From a personal perspective it feels great to be going into the season mentally and physically fit and ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

Team Announcement to follow soon keep a look out… 2016 coming for you!!

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